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Estate Grown, Cool Climate, White Vinifera Wines

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  • 2019 Dry Riesling Photo
    2019 Dry Riesling

    Estate grown on the shores of Cayuga Lake since 1997. We are committed to producing distrinctive estate wines that showcase the quality of our cool climate Finger Lakes vineyard. By maintaining the vineyard through sustainable practices, we recognize the symbiotic relationship we have with the land on which our grapes are grown.

  • 2018 Beta Series Acid Head Riesling Photo
    2018 Beta Series Acid Head Riesling

    Picking the grapes five weeks early for this wine allows us to highlight the crisp acidity we love in Rieslings.  The result is intended for people who love acid like we do...our fellow Acid Heads.

  • 2017 Archival Riesling Photo
    2017 Archival Riesling

    Our experience with Sheldrake Point’s Rieslings has shown us that those in an off-dry style age more gracefully. With that in mind, our winemaking team created this wine for either immediate enjoyment or extended cellaring.

  • 2017 Riesling Photo
    2017 Riesling

    This Riesling is a beautiful representation of the quality of our Cayuga Lake vineyard and the cool climate of the Finger Lakes.

    16.00 $14.00
  • 2019 Beta Series Riesling Bubbles Photo
    2019 Beta Series Riesling Bubbles

    If when life hands you lemons you make lemonade, what do you do when mother nature hands you an abundance of Riesling? We hope you answered "make more bubbly!" because that's exactly how we solved this riddle.

  • 2016 Reserve Dry Riesling Photo
    2016 Reserve Dry Riesling

    From vine to bottle, our Reserve wines reflect our commitment to producing high quality wines that speak of vintage and place within the Finger Lakes.

  • 2017 Gewurztraminer Photo
    2017 Gewurztraminer

    Intensely floral with bright citrus and stone fruit, and a lingering lively finish.

  • 2018 Muscat Ottonel Photo
    2018 Muscat Ottonel

    A limited 80 case production; delicate, with refreshing aromas of tangerine, white flower and citrus.

  • 2019 Beta Series Muscat Ottonel Bubbles Photo
    2019 Beta Series Muscat Ottonel Bubbles

    Muscat Ottonel provides the perfect opportunit for us to delve into the bubbly wine category. With a perfumed nose and a hint of sweetness, our Muscat Ottonel has added bubbles to bring an exceptionally refreshing quality to the wine.

  • 2017 Pinot Gris Photo
    2017 Pinot Gris

    Alsatian in style and full bodied; a pure expression of Pinot Gris.

  • 2017 Chardonnay Photo
    2017 Chardonnay

    Lightly oaked with staves from a white oak on the edge of the vineyard, this elegant estate Chardonnay will delight you with its fresh finesse and finish.

  • 2018 Beta Series Gewurztraminer Strikes Back Photo
    2018 Beta Series Gewurztraminer Strikes Back

    Beta Series highlights the wild musings of the winemaking team. With these small lot releases, we invite you into the winemaking lab, provide insight behind the creative genius, and include you in the production trials.

    Growing conditions in 2017 permitted further grape ripening on the vine. We picked at just the right moment, giving us a rich wine full of spicy Gewürztraminer character.