2017 Beta Series Late Harvest Pinot Gris


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Tasting Notes

A rich nose of spiced poached pear evolves seamlessly into tangering blossom aromatics. A tropical fruit medley of mango and pineapple flirts with honey on the finish. 

Winemaker's Notes

1 ton from the PG3 block and 1.3 tons from the older PG2 block were hand harvested 12/12/17.  They were whole-cluster pressed in a single pressload to give 360 gallons with harvest chemistry of 32.3 Brix, 6.8 g/L TA, and a pH of 3.81.

The juice was settled for 6 days.  After being racked off the juice lees, the juice was fermented with VL1.  The fermentation continued for 10 days at temperatures between 60 and 70F, and was stopped by chilling at 9.6% residual sugar.

The wine was left outside to cold stabilize it.  It was heat stabilized by the addition of 8 pounds per thousand gallons of Bentonite on 06/19/18.

The wines was sterile filtered during bottling on 09/17/18.

Technical Data

Appellation: Finger Lakes

Varietal Composition: 100% Pinot Gris

Alcohol: 12.3%

Residual Sugar: 9.6%

Acid: 7 g/L

pH: 4.6

Harvest Date: December 12, 2017

Bottling Date: June 19, 2018

Cases Produced: 48

Vegan Friendly: Yes

2017 Beta Series Late Harvest Pinot Gris